JAGS World History


    We believe that preparing globally competent students begins with a rigorous curriculum including:


    • Interdisciplinary problem-based learning
    • Cultural awareness
    • World language immersion
    • Community collaboration
    • Service learning
    • Leadership opportunities
    • Business partnerships
    • Educationally based travel

    Upon completion of the program, JAGS students will possess the skills necessary to lead, cultivate and communicate their own ideas, excel in their chosen career paths, and work collaboratively to successfully navigate our global society.

    JAGS Students must successfully complete a JAGS 4 year course plan, 80 hours of community service, a portfolio and a capstone project to receive a Certificate of Global Studies from Jackson High School and the International Studies School Network. 

    JAGS students will:

    • Use the International Studies Schools Network Model (ISSN) to
      • Investigate the World
      • Recognize Perspective
      • Communicate ideas and…
      • Take action!
    • Work to become fluent in one of three world languages: Chinese, French, or Spanish.
    • Travel to experience different cultures and global understandings.
    • Learn through real world/service learning/community projects.
    • Develop 21st century work skills such as effective use of technology, critical and creative thinking, collaboration and communication.
    • Create an ISSN global competency portfolio and senior capstone project based upon their work during their 4 years in the academy.