Mr. Akers' Health/PE Class

  • Body Systems Kahoot:

    My name is Scott Akers and I am a Health and PE teacher at Jackson High School.  I am also a member of the cross country and track & field staff at the high school.  I want to welcome all students to class.  It is my pleasure to be your teacher for this course and I look forward to getting to know you this semester.  I believe you will have an enjoyable experience in this course and will learn many valuable things to help you deal with the issues teenagers face.  

    The Health course is designed to equip the students with information that will help him/her maintain quality health in all of the major areas of health (physical, mental/emotional, social).  The student will be encouraged to examine his/her decisions and determine how to make choices that will benefit him/her both now and in the future. 

    The following are the responsibilities of each student in my class:

    1.  Be on time and quietly in your seats to begin and end class
    2.  Complete your work
    3.  Make up missed work when absent
    4.  Respect the learning environment
    5.  Respect others in class
    6.  Respect property and keep it clean

    Students will study many topics in the semester course.  As a major focus, we often analyze the choices students make and how this impacts their future.

    Topics Covered

    1.  A Healthy Foundation- chapters 1-2
    2.  Nutrition and Physical Activity- chapters 10-12
    3.  Personal Care and Body Systems- chapters 13-17
    4.  Drugs- chapters 19-22
    5.  Healthy and Safe Relationships- chapters 6-9
    6.  Diseases and Disorders- chapters 23-25


    Glencoe Health book, 2011 edition. 

    The following information lists a few things about myself


    London High School, London, OH- Home of the Red Raiders
    Kent State University Golden Flashes- PE major/Health minor
    University of Akron Zips- Master's degree in secondary administration

    Teaching Experience

    Jackson High School- Have taught Health and PE since 1996

    Coaching Experience
    Track and Field- 1997-2005, 2016-present
    Cross Country- 1997-present

    Married since 1997
    I have four kids at home- three boys and one girl
    I enjoy running, reading, and spending time with my family



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