While we're out, your son or daughter has access to Google Classroom and Polaris. I'm in communication with them on that platform, and, beginning on Monday, March 30, will post assignments on Polaris, on my website, and on Google Classroom. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions, or feel free to ask your son or daughter to show you the Google Classroom page for our class (they'll be submitting their work through that platform, as they have all year). In the meantime, be well, and I look forward to working with your students face-to-face again soon!


    Feel free to contact me anytime throughout the day during the week via e-mail. I'll either be on my laptop or have it close by and will get back to you quickly.



    This is my seventeenth year at Jackson High School.  My goal is to send each of you off on the next step of your educational journey with exceptional writing skills and the ability to think and read deeply and critically. For better or worse, we live in an era dominated by technology; all the answers we need are at our fingertips. Now more than ever, finely-honed skills in argument, rhetoric, and critical thinking are key in helping us to view problems from all angles and filter through the countless soundbites tweets, and opinion disguised as fact with which we're barraged daily. The ability to convey our own evidence-based views is paramount; this is why English is a vital class.

    Whether you have me for AP English Language or Sophomore English, know that this website is another resource for you (in addition to Google Classroom, NoRedInk, and AP Classroom). I'll post the plan for the week on here so that parents can always see what's going on in class.  Students and parents, if you ever have questions please feel free to call me at 330.837.3501, ext. 1157 or e-mail me at meg2jc@jackson.sparcc.org and  I'll get back to you quickly. 

    About me:  


    For what it's worth, I was an English major at Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania. After a six-year stint as an editor in Cleveland, I switched career gears, went back to John Carroll University for my Masters, and ended up here at Jackson. My wife, Tonya, is also employed at Jackson Local Schools. We have two kids, Anna and Henry, enrolled in the district, and two cats, Molly and Sammy, both of whom shed a lot.