Chemistry Club and Science National Honor Society

  • Advisor:  Mrs. Whitacre (J101)  E-mail Mrs. Whitacre

    "The purpose of Chemistry Club is to promote interest in chemistry among all JHS students and the Jackson community. We hope to spread both chemistry interest and knowledge to students and their families."

    "The purpose of Science National Honor Society is to promote interest into all scientific areas of study.  It is a program that will combine student leadership, student community service, and extra scientific learning opportunities.  It will provide our school and student population with another opportunity to engage deeply in the sciences." 



    Chemistry Club is open to all students, grades 9-12.

    Science National Honor Society is open for students in grades 11 or 12 to apply for membership. Please see below for the requirements for application and membership.



    Chemistry club members need to maintain membership by attending 70% of all meetings and paying yearly dues.


    Science National Honor Society Members need to apply for membership by October 1 of the current school year.   SNHS application Students wishing to become inducted to SNHS may also want to review the Bylaws of Jackson High School Science National Honor Society  Students applying for SNHS should begin attending meetings in September, as the September meetings are an expected part of attendance throughout the year.

    Criteria for eligibility into SNHS:

    1)  Student must be in an upper level lab based science class (AP or CCP level or above)

    2)  Student must have and maintain an unweighted GPA of 3.67 in science courses and a 3.5 in all courses.

    3)  Student must complete 10 hours of science based community service per school year and present 1 topic of scientific interest to SNHS members per school year.   SNHS Community Service Log Sheet

    4)  SNHS members must attend 70% of all meetings and pay yearly dues.


    Chemistry club has $5.00 annual dues.

    Science National Honor Society dues are $20 (new member) and $15 (returning member).


    Tentative Meeting Schedule

    Meetings are in J101 at 2:40 pm on the following meeting days

    Chemistry Club:  1st and 3rd Thursday of the month

    Science National Honor Society:  1st, 2nd and 3rd Thursday of the month


    Student Leader Duties

    All officers will be responsible for ensuring the continuation of the Club by helping recruit new members each year. All officers should plan on a few additional meetings with advisor (these meetings will be shorter and most likely held before school). Officers are also responsible for promoting Science in an exciting and positive light at all times. Officers will be responsible for planning activities, communicating plans with advisors, and conducting meetings, including keeping an attendance record of members. 


    Student leaders will communicate with club members through school announcements, flyers, and "Remind". We may also use email. Please see the advisor or student leaders to sign up for the Remind Messages.