Stage Crew


    Advisors: Carl Palmer and ??

    Manager/Technical Director of the Jackson Center for the Performing Arts, educating students in all aspects of stage craft, rigging, sound, and lighting.             

    Stage Crew : 35 Years and counting.

    Stage Crew Goals:
    To give students the opportunity to learn the various technical aspects of the theater and develop their leadership skills while making the best use of our stage facilities; to enhance all theatrical productions, concerts, and other school programs held in the Jackson Center for the Performing arts.

    Members in Stage Crew: Approximately 20 students

    When does Stage Crew meet:
    Varies from week to week depending on what activities are scheduled in the Jackson Center for the Performing Arts. During musical set construction in the fall, work sessions are Mondays through Thursdays after school and sometimes again in the evenings.

    Special Requirements to join and stay on Stage Crew:
    Interested students apply by volunteering to help build the set for the high school musical. There is no charge to join the club. Those students showing the best work ethic, initiative, leadership potential and the ability to get along with others will be invited to join the permanent Stage Crew. Must help with musical each year to stay in the club.

    Brief Description of Activities:
    Students will learn by hands-on experience to run the light board, sound mixer, follow spots, fly system, and will build the sets for all musical and dramatic productions. Students will have the opportunity to apply these skills and develop their leadership abilities by running all the various programs, concerts and shows held in the Jackson Center for the Performing Arts.



    Advisor Bio:

    Carl Palmer: Technical Director, Jackson Center for the Performing Arts.

    The Music Scene was a driving force behind everything I’ve done in media. I started on a college radio station @ BGSU and ended up in NE Ohio to work on Fresh Air for NPR. Music always spoke to me visually so it was a natural leap into television and video production. As a Producer, Director, Shooter, Editor my work has been aired on Network, Cable and Public Television. Including, MTV, “Dirty Jobs” Discovery Channel, “Gravity Games” Outdoor Life Network and the Ohio Ballet. My videos helped bring the National Inventors Hall of Fame to Akron and saved 30 acres of an ice age wetland for the Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources. I have a background in cable television advertising and created an award winning interactive program “Video for the Ear”. I also received 4 Emmy Nominations and was awarded 2 Emmy’s for my work with PBS.


    PBS National Distribution 2020 "Ken Nordine: Video for the Ear

    Emmy Nomination 2020 "Ken Nordine: Video for the Ear"

    Community Impact Award, 2012 Lake Township Chamber of Commerce 

    Emmy Nomination, 2011 “Electrify Your Strings”

    eTech OHIO, 2006 Documentary Team

    Gravity Games, 2005 Outdoor Life Network

    Telly Award, 2004 I.Q. Studios

    First Night International Akron, 2003 National Photo Contest

    Emmy Award PBS, 2002 "Amazone"

    Telly Award, 2002 “3 FIRES”

    Best Video Production Award, Ohio Dept. Minority Health, 2002

    Videographer Award, 2002 “3 FIRES”

    Telly Award, 2001 “GO TO HEALTH” University of Akron

    Kent State University/Ameritech, 2001 “Technology and Education”

    Videographer Award, 2000

    Goodyear Spirit of Akron, 1999 “Aerial Ambassador”

    ODNR, 1998 “SOS”, Ice Age Wetland State Park

    Emmy Award PBS, 1997 "School Works"


    Stage Ninjas












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