Personal and Social Development

  • Personal/Social Development

    Students will acquire the following attitudes, knowledge, and interpersonal skills to help them understand and respect self and others.


    Elementary School

    Student Competencies

    Middle School

    Student Competencies

    High School

    Student Competencies

    Know their internal strengths, likes and abilities.

    Develop a positive attitude toward self as a unique and worthy person.

    Learn and apply effective coping skills for managing life events.

    Learn communication skills that enable students to verbalize inner thoughts and emotions and deal successfully with them.

    Begin to learn and demonstrate communication skills that identify and express feelings.

    Demonstrate how to resolve differences with others using effective communication skills.

    Develop a positive manner of communication, both listening and speaking.  

    Use effective coping skills for managing life.

    Understand the need for self control and how to manage and analyze feelings.

    Draw from an effective repertoire of life skills when confronted with life changing events, such as death, divorce, moving, etc.

    Understand and make healthy choices to maintain physical and emotional health.

    Understand and make healthy choices to maintain physical and emotional health.

    Know when and how to seek help when faced with a problem.

    Learn to seek appropriate resources for problem solving and decision making.

    Demonstrate respect and appreciation for self and others.

    Demonstrate respect regardless of personal or cultural differences.

    Recognize and respect diversity (ethnic, culture, family, etc.).

    Value and support the diversity in community and culture.





    Experience social involvement through recess, school parties, community, and special interest activities.

    Experience social interaction through participation in extracurricular, special interest classes, and community activities.

    Experience social involvement through participation in extracurricular & community activities.

    Respect the rights of others.

    Recognize that with responsibility one earns rights and privileges.

    Identify values, attitudes and personal beliefs.

    Become aware of how using alcohol, drugs, tobacco, may have a negative impact on their bodies and minds.

    Recognize emotional and physical dangers of chemical substance use and abuse.

    Distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate behaviors.

    Engage in activities which eliminate personal conflicts with others.

    Recognize personal boundaries in relationships in order to mediate conflict with others.


    Understand that each individual is responsible for his/her own behaviors and actions and that the consequences which follow are dictated by the choices they made.

    Take personal responsibility for behaviors and actions.

    Take personal responsibility for behaviors and actions; understand consequences of decisions and choices.