¡Bienvenidos! ~ Welcome!


    I am here to help you and guide you as you learn Spanish.  Your job is to study, participate, be in class and try your best every day.  If you have questions about something we have studied or need something further explained, always ask!



    Note:  Other helpful tools are listed below.

    www.classzone.com ~ Use to help you study

    quizlet ~ in the search bar, type in Spanish and then add the unit and lesson you want to practice (i.e. 1.1, 1.2 etc.).  Make sure the quizlet aligns with our vocabulary.  Then you can practice and quiz yourself this summer without recreating the wheel.


    Conjuguemos - another great place to practice conjugating verbs.


    ~ Señora Steiner :)



    *Arrive on time to class 

    *Bring your class materials

    *Be prepared to listen, participate and learn 

    *Do your homework before class.  

    *Stay current with the material and study every day.  

    (Waiting until the day before a quiz to begin studying is usually not a very good plan.)


    Materials needed for class:

    1.  cuaderno 

         (Notebook - 3 subject Mead 5 Star)

    2.  carpeta 

         (Folder - plastic with 3 prongs and pockets)

    3.  lápiz o bolígrafo 

         (pencil or pen)

    4.  tarjetas de índice 

         (index cards)


    How to contact me:

    (330) 830-8034 ext 3207



    Where to find homework:

    Click on the calendar to the left.

    Note:  If you want some extra help with anything we are studying in class, help is only a click away.  Visit www.classzone.com   There are a variety of activities to practice including vocab cards, grammar, videos and games.  Check out the website.  It can be a great help.  Also, please feel free to come and see me before school or during homeroom if you need any help or have questions.





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