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You've Arrived at Mrs. S's Site!! - 7th Grade Language Arts

  • Welcome to 7th 

    Grade Language Arts!!

    The theme this year is  "CHANGES." 

    We will be exploring this idea in all of our lessons as we learn skills to make us closer readers and communicators. 

    Where have we been...

    - Vacationing in the sun! :)

    Where we are...

    Our goals right now are to ...

    Learn Mrs. S, each other, and routines while building a community. 


    Where we are going...

    - ACC: Gifted project 

    - On-Level: Close reading strategies

    ***STUDENTS: Questions about an assignment?? PLEASE EMAIL ME!!! I can respond quickly, so you can continue to make progress. :) 


    If kids are asked to teach something they have a 90% understanding of the concept they are learning?!?! : )


    This website contains information to guide you through a successful year in language arts. I encourage you to check back often as updates will be made continuously throughout the school year.

    I am confident with your positive attitude, willingness to participate and dedication to always give your best effort, you will have a rewarding and quite enjoyable year in language arts. :)

    Feel free to reach me anytime...



      330.830.8034 ext. 3162

    **Email is the very best way to get a hold of me as I check it frequently; however, don't hesitate to call me!**


    "Students do not know how much you know, until they know you care."~Anonymous