Purpose and Mission Statement

  • Purpose
    The purpose of this non-profit organization is to serve the students, families, and teachers of JMMS, to administer educational or entertaining activities which may be authorized by its membership, to support activities which may further the goals and objectives of Parents and Teachers Together (PATT) and JMMS, to develop communications and cooperation among students, parents, teachers, and administration, and to provide volunteer programs to assist students, parents, teachers, administration, and the entire JMMS family.
    Mission Statement
    The mission of the JMMS PATT is to supplement the mission of the Jackson Local Schools.  The group will strive to aid and enhance the educational experience for all JMMS students with the use of programs and activities throughout the school year coupled with the support of parent and community volunteers.


    The membership of the PATT is open and considered to be everyone affiliated with JMMS:  parents, teachers, staff, and other interested family members of   students, and any other interested members of the community.  Membership is open throughout the entire school year.  Members are eligible to vote, hold office,  or serve as a chairperson or member of committees.  Dues will not be assessed the 2019-2020 school year but please consider giving us the gift of your time.