Medical Health Plans

  • Part of our role as school nurses is to ensure the health and wellbeing of our children while they are at school.  Many children have chronic health conditions that may affect them or that must be managed throughout the school day. 


    If your child has a medical condition, he/she may benefit from having an Individualized Health Plan in place during the school year.  This health plan notifies teachers and staff that have contact with your child of their specific health issue/condition as well as detailed instructions for addressing emergency situations.


    In order for this plan to be put in place, your child's primary healthcare provider must complete health related forms specific to the medical condition.  In addition, a meeting will be scheduled with you (parent or legal guardian) and the school nurse assigned to your child’s school.


    If you feel that your child needs an Individualized Health Plan, please contact the school nurse for a meeting and have your child’s physician complete the appropriate forms listed below.






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