Craft Show

  •  UPDATE: Unfortunately the 2020 Craft Show has been cancelled due to restrictions because of COVID-19. We look forward to seeing everyone in November of 2021.
    Vendors should have received an email with more information; contact Michelle Jacobs at if you did not receive this email.



    if you applied, you should be hearing by March 13 if you were accepted, not accepted, or offered a waiting list position.


    SCROLL DOWN to the BOTTOM of THIS PAGE for the 2020 Vendor Application if you would like to view it - but NO NEW Applications are being accepted, and we are filling our waiting list from vendors who already applied. 


    The Fall 2020 Craft show will be held on NOVEMBER 21, 2020 From 10 am to 4 pm



    2020 Annual Craft Show Information

    Show Date: 11/21/2020 - 10 am to 4 pm (set up 11/20/20 from 6 to 8 pm or 7:30 to 9:30 11/21/20 - student helpers will be available during set up and tear down. Tear down is from 4-6 pm on the show date.)   Vendors: If your set up takes longer than two hours on Friday night and two hours on Saturday morning, this show is not for you. No extra time is provided for set up other than the four hours allotted.  

    2020 VENDORS:  We do not mail applications. Please come into the high school main office where applications will be available beginning on 2/3/20 at 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  (The application is always released on this web page and in the main office of the high school on the first Monday of February for the show that year in November. We release the application early so vendors have plenty of time to craft their items to sell.)  Scroll Down to the bottom of this page for the application.

    Our shopper attendance for 2019 was approximately 3,000 based on students counting teens and adults ages 16 and up.  

    Completed and Accurate Applications are Critical! Make sure to follow the application instructions carefully - do not submit an incomplete application - it will be returned, and you will not be accepted into the event. 

    We will accept applications as they come in to us, but we strive for a VARIETY of wares and art for the shoppers. Applying first does not guarantee a space, though we will attempt to accommodate previous year vendors with priority given to vendors who handcraft their items. Please note, we usually fill the show within approximately THREE - FOUR weeks of application release - around March 1, 2020. We will create a wait-list of 10-15 vendors.

    NOTE: To increase your chances of remaining a vendor or becoming a vendor, please request just ONE space or ONE table where possible. The more spaces we can fill with different vendors will allow for shopper variety.

    WHERE WE ADVERTISE:  We buy between 3-6 billboards throughout Stark County. We may run a display ad in the Canton Rep for three days the week before the show. We run an announcement in the Canton Rep's Suburbanite - Jackson area.  We advertise on the JHS electronic sign outside the high school, and we broadcast our show through the Jackson Local School District Facebook page. 

    The application will remain available at the bottom of this page for your reference.

    If you are an accepted vendor, you should hear around March 13, 2020 or sooner

    Wait list vendors should be contacted around March 13-April 5, 2020  or sooner

    THE AREA MAP WITH SPACE NUMBERS is in .PDF downloadable form at the bottom of this page (Scroll Down to see the show floor map - accepted vendors will be assigned a spot - we try to accommodate needs for electricity).

    NOTE:  Previous year applications can not be used for future years. Please wait for the 2020 application to be released on 2/3/20.

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