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    An OverDrive Reminder
    If you would like to access the books available on OverDrive, here is what you need to do. 
    - Click on the OverDrive icon on our elementary library page.   
    - Once you are on the page, click on the words "sign in" located in the upper right corner. 
    - Enter your username and password you use to sign on to your Chromebook. 
    - Now you can do searches, sign out books, and put holds on books that you want that are checked out to another student. 
    - You can even sign out an audio book and/or Read Along that will be read to you! 
    - You may have three books checked out at one time, even graphic novels.
    Enjoy reading online."
    Jackson libraries offer eBooks through OverDrive, the same eBook system our public library uses. Students may read OverDrive eBooks directly in the web browser while connected to the Internet, or download the OverDrive Media Console App (free) on any device and read eBooks that way.
    Username: your regular student ID
    Password: your regular student password

    Watch this video for instructions on how to use Jackson's Digital Library.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long can I keep an eBook?
    The loan period for eBooks is 14 days. Once the 14 days are up, the book will return automatically.
    What if I want the eBook longer?
    You can renew it in your OverDrive account.

    How many eBooks may I have out at once?

    May I check out an eBook if I have an overdue print book, or a damaged book fee, or a lost book fee?

    What if I do not know my 14-digit library ID?
    Ask your school's library staff, ask your teacher, or ask Mrs. Williams via this form.
    May I place a hold on an eBook?
    Yes, you may. Click on the hold link on the cover of the book and follow the instructions provided by OverDrive.

    How do I read on a Kindle?

    For questions about reading on a Kindle or utilizing the OverDrive Media Console App, please see the fliers attached below or visit OverDrive help.


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