Daily 5

  • The Daily 5 Program
    The Daily 5 is a structure that helps students develop the daily habits of reading, writing, and working independently that will lead to a lifetime of literacy independence.
    Read to Self
    Children reading to themself is the first step in the Daily 5 and is the foundation for creating independent readers and writers.
    Read to Someone
    Children LOVE to read to someone. Reading with someone helps readers to become more self-sufficient.
    Listening to reading is valuable for developing fluency and vocabulary.
    Word Work
    During word work we focus on spelling and vocabulary work with the children.
    Work on Writing
    Students work on writing of their choice and the teacher provides support the children require to become effective writers.

    I PICK "Good Fit Books"

    The students are taught from day one about choosing and selecting books that are just right for their reading level. They are called "Good Fit Books".

    1.I pick a book

    2.P urpose (What's my purpose for choosing this book? )

    3.I nterest (Does this book interest me?)

    4.C omprehend (Can I comprehend what I'm reading?)

    5.K now (Do I know most of the words?)

    Building Stamina

    Many parents are amazed to hear their child speak about building "stamina". It's not a typical word you hear a kindergartner say! When we begin teaching The Daily 5 parts, the first time we model, instruct, and demonstrate how to do this skill, the students start on their own for 3 minutes. Every day we add one minute, eventually building their stamina to 30 minutes. Some days we may only get to do 20-30 minutes depending on special activities, assemblies, or holiday events. The students "build stamina" for each of the Daily 5 parts.

    Summary and Descriptions of Daily 5 © Kim McBride