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  • Welcome to first grade!!

    *** Brain Breaks ***
    We take "brain breaks" every day. These allow us to get up and move our bodies and give our brains a break from all the hard work we are doing in first grade! We dance and sing to videos on GoNoodle. Click the link, sign up for free, and you and your family can do it at home! There are even videos for relaxation, morning stretches, etc. It is a great website! 

    Important Dates to Remember

    Please reference our weekly newsletters for important upcoming dates! You'll find our learning standards, upcoming tests, conferences, district schedule information and more on the newsletter! 

    ***Scholastic Book Order forms... If you'd like to order*** 
    online, don't forget to enter our class code, 
    P7VB6. When you order with the code, our classroom gets points and I can order books for our classroom library!


    Our complete "Words of the Day" and "Trick Words" for first grade is listed below:

    Unit 1:  No Trick Words

    Unit 2:  the, of, and, fix, quit, log, pet, lip, yet

    Unit 3:  to, a, was, is, he, for, as, his, has, quick, much, path, luck, rush, thud, dock, wish

    Unit 4:  you, we, I, they, one, said, miss, call, off, chill, yell, mess

    Unit 5:  from, or, have, fan, ham, jam

    Unit 6:  were, her, put, there, what, she, been, by, who, logs, walls, socks, ships, jugs, bells, hugs

    Unit 7:  out, so, are, two, about, into, only, other, new, rang, hung, long, junk, pink, thank, kings, winks, fangs

    Unit 8:  some, could, want, say, do, first, any, my, now, ask, kept, bunch, ranch, shrug, nests, flags, quilts

    Unit 9:  our, over, come, would, after, also, melt, brush, act, punch, ill, stiff

    Unit 10:  many, before, called, how, your, down, should, because, each, trust, blink, stump, stand, crunch, drinks, plants

    Unit 11:  people, Mr., Mrs., years, says, little, good, very, own, sunset, upset, expect, until, velvet, public, frantic

    Unit 12:  see, work, between, both, being, under, inches, dishes, foxes, glasses

    Unit 13:  never, another, day, words, look, through, blasted, landing, bringing, trusted

    Unit 14:  friend, around, circle, does, nothing, none, color, month, wise, ape, joke, caves, notes

    Thank you for all of your support!
    - Mrs. Markle

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