• It is critical that your child reads every night to become a confident reader. I will send home 2 books each Monday for your child to practice reading. I pick books that are specific to your child's reading level. Your child is to read each book out loud to a parent or older sibling every night. (This builds fluency skills!) He or she will also have a small comprehension activity to complete to go along with the books. The books and comprehension activity are due every Friday. If we do not have school on a Friday, they will be due on Thursday. Students must turn in their books and activity sheet on time each week to stay in the homework club for the month. (See more information about this below)

    Although math homework is not required to be turned in, I offer two different incentives to encourage students to complete the extra practice:

    • Kohut Tickets
      • Students will earn 1 ticket for each homework page (front and back) that they turn in at the end of each chapter. (Date will be announced in the newsletter)
    • Homework Club
      • Students that turn in at least 5 pages of math homework for each chapter covered in that month will be eligible to be in the homework club.
      • Students who do not miss any homework assignments (math and reading) for the month will be invited to eat lunch and watch a show in the classroom at the end of the month. Students get a chance to start over at the beginning of every month.