Daily 5

  • In our classroom we will be using the Daily 5 to become independent fluent readers!  Students will be engaged in 5 different areas of a well-balanced reading program.  While they are independently learning, I am able to pull students for reading conferences to identify their personal reading goals as well as work with small groups of students to continue the learning process. 

     I PICK "Good Fit Books"

    The students are taught from day one about choosing and selecting books that are just right for their reading level.  Though they book may seem "easy", the book is for independent work, which means they can read the words fluently and accurately as well as understand what they read.  We call these books "Good Fit Books".

    I pick a book

    urpose (What's my purpose for choosing this book? )

    nterest (Does this book interest me?)

    C omprehend (Can I comprehend what I'm reading?)

    K now (Do I know most of the words?)

    Click on the link to watch the "I-Pick" Rap!

    Three Ways to Read a Book

    1.  Read the pictures

    2.  Read the words

    3.  Retell the story

    Three Ways to Read a Book with a Partner! (A great way to read at home!)

    1.  Make a prediction on each page (What is happening on this page?)

    2.  Turn turns!  (You read a line, then the partner reads a line)

    3. Read, repeat (Read on line, paragraph or page, then the other reader repeats)

    4. Retell the story and Ask questions

    Read to Self  
    We will work on building our STAMINA and will increase the amount of time we can independently read.  Students will use I-Pick to choose a "Good Fit" book to practice their reading strategies. 


    Work on Writing

    Students will use this time to engage in a Writer's Workshop where they will create their own stories, poems, letters, notes, books, etc. based on their interests or on an assigned prompt.

    Read to Someone
    Partner reading allows for more time to read and listen to other readers model their strategies.  By reading to someone, the students will gain practice in their own strategies, build fluency, and check for understanding.
    Word Work
    We use word work to continue our learning of our Fundations Program. Spelling correctly and making and decoding words are vital in the ability to comprehend what is read and using what they know to develop a piece of writing.


     Listen to Reading

    Hearing good examples of literature and fluent reading expands your vocabulary, builds stamina and helps you become a better reader.

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