Ms. Easterday's Home Page - Sixth Grade Science

  • Welcome to the Sixth Grade Science Classroom



    Ms. Easterday 330-830-8100 ext. 3116

    Materials, Expectations, and Grading Policy


    1. Folder

    2. Paper

    3. Pencils

    4. Colored pencils

    5. Planner

    6. Chromebook

    (Ink pens and markers will not be used.)


    1. Students will be responsible for themselves and considerate of others.

    2. Students will be prepared for class each day with the required materials and completed assignments.


    Process grades are worth 15% of the comprehensive grade and include:

    1. homework

    2. projects

    3. labs

    4. assisted classwork

    Product grades are worth 85% of the comprehensive grade and include:

    1. quizzes

    2. tests

    3. common assessments


    Life Science- plant and animal cells (introduction to the microscope), bacteria, single cell to multicellular organisms including organs and organ systems

    Earth Science- minerals, rocks, rock cycle, soil

    Physical Science- elements, atoms, compounds, phases of matter, speed, motion

    It is my wish that all of the students in my classroom appreciate nature and science as it pertains to the world around them so that they can become good stewards of this planet earth. And someday, hopefully, some of the students will contribute to this ever changing field so that our understanding can broaden and pave the way for positive change.

    A little about your teacher..........Ms. Easterday

    I am a graduate of Kent State University and Akron University. I studied Environmental Geology through Miami University on site in Wyoming and Seacoast Ecology at Ft. Fisher in North Carolina.

    I am a graduate of Jackson and this is my 31st year teaching in this wonderful school district. Before that, I taught for three years in a one room Amish Parochial school.

    I have chaperoned high school students to the following countries: England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Italy, France, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, and Australia.

    I have also traveled to Kenya (on safari), Egypt, Nova Scotia, Canada, and also spent 2 ½ months at an ashram in southern India.

    I spent a summer in the Green Mountains of Vermont living in a tent learning about and practicing organic, sustainable farming.

    I have facilitated Leadership Summits with national and international high school students at the University of Colorado and at Harvard University.

    I have worked with high school students designing and implementing ecology research projects at the Teton School of Science in Wyoming primarily investigating the regrowth rate of burned sites in comparison to nonburned sites.

    My training in the teaching of science is predominately inquiry-based hands-on learning although I am continuing to incorporate more technology in the classroom.

    I raised a son on my own and he is a very successful accountant and adjunct professor for Ohio University. He and his wife live in Columbus and have given me three beautiful grandchildren.

    I am looking forward to this 2017-2018 school year and working with the new sixth graders coming into the science classroom. I hope we can go outside a number of times this year and learn by observation. There is soooo much to appreciate in the natural world.

    I look forward to getting to know the students this year including their areas of interest and special qualities that make them unique.