• OST & MAP Testing

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    Third Grade Guarantee


    For the 2021-2022 school year, The Ohio State Test (OST) states that students who do not meet the score of 683 or a score of 46 on the writing portion

    of the test are not performing at a Third Grade level and will not advance to the next grade level.


    If your child scores above a 683 on the OST, then he or she will be promoted to 4th grade. 


    **Scoring 700 is proficient and is a passing score**


    MAP TESTING:  The MAP assessment is given district wide three times a year in both reading and math (Fall, Winter, and Spring).  The results from the test are

    used for instructional purposes.  The state has recognized MAP as an alternate reading assessment in terms of being promoted to 4th grade. If your child scores a

    194 on the READING MAP test in the fall, winter or spring, then he or she will be promoted to fourth grade, regardless of the OST score.  Winter MAP will be

    in January & Spring Map in March.