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    Pat Webb

    Mrs. Webb Fun Facts...

    My favorite food is .... fried chicken

    My favorite “toy” growing up was ....  paper dolls
    My favorite game I played with the neighbors was .... Monopoly
    Most beautiful place I have visited is the ... Canadian Rockies
    The animal I would like to be is I think a dog.  
    I would like to be a dog in a loving family that would take me walks and give me hugs.
    Super Power that I would like is to be ... able to right all wrongs
    I use to take care of my grand-children dog.  Her name was Penny.  She passed away, but because of her I am considering getting a dog of my own. 
    I love chocolate cake. 
    What was you elementary school like??
    I grew up in Columbus Ohio
    Public Elementary School was three stories - grades Kdgn to 6th grade.
    School Hours 9:00-3:30
    There was no busing and we did not have a car so my sister and I walked  with the neighbor children to and from school everyday.
    There was no gym and no cafeteria in the school at that time.  We had recess everyday on the playground when it did not rain from 10:30 to 11:00 and 2:30 to 3:00.
    We had an hour and half for lunch and everyone went home to eat lunch.  I hurried back to school at lunch time to play kick-ball on the playground with my friends.
    Our class at that time learn to read by “sight reading” not phonics.  In other words I saw a picture of a dog and memorized the word dog.  Phonics is a better way to learn to read as I found out in college.
    If you have more questions or would like to send a note to Mrs. Webb please email baw2jc@bearworks.jackson.sparcc.org, Mrs. Williams will post more questions and messages to Mrs. Webb here in the spotlight comments.  

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