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  • Don't Push the Button !

    The title kind of makes you want to push the button...doesn't it??

  • The Good for Nothing Button

    This book helps you decide-- does NOTHING really mean "nothing" or could it be "something" after all ??

  • Hair Love

    Another NEW book for you hear.

    Make sure to watch Rocky the cat. He is illustrated with fun facial expressions.

  • Things that are MOST in the World

    This is a silly book with even sillier pictures.

  • MunchA! MunchA! MunchA! 

    Kindergarten picture book

    A springtime garden and hungry bunnies- what could go wrong?

  • The Seven Silly Eaters

    1st grade rhyming picture book about working together.

    (Check out ENRICHMENT section for a DUMP CAKE recipe like in the book. YUMMY!)

  • The Napping House

    Kindergarten picture book

    This is a fun circle story. 

  • Ribbit !

    Kindergaten picture book about friendship and differences.

    (Check out ENRICHMENT section for HOW TO DRAW a Frog to connect with this book.)

  • Nugget and Fang

    1st grade picture book

    (This is ANOTHER NEW book!)

    This is a story about how we choose our friends.. What WE think about them or what OTHERS think about them?


Story Videos

  • Nerdy Birdy TWEETS

    Check out ANOTHER brand new book!

    2nd graders

    What's Nerdy Birdy going to find out about "thoughtful Tweeting"?


  • Nerdy Birdy

    Check out THIS brand new book!

    2nd graders

    This might be one of my new favorites ... see what YOU think !

  • Art & Max

    2nd grade picture book. Look closely. Lots of details !

    (Check out ENRICHMENT section for Pointillism art activities to connect with this book.)



  • Saturdays and Teacakes

    Another brand new book in our library. This is a beautifully illustrated narrative fiction story.

  • Charlie Cook's Favorite Book

    3rd grade "book within a book within a book" circle story

    (Check out ENRICHMENT section for bookmarks to color to go with YOUR favorite books.)

  • Why Do Tigers Have Stripes?

    Non-fiction book for everyone with lots of animals Q & A 

    Check out ENRICHMENT page for How to Draw a Tiger Face.

  • On a Magical Do Nothing Day

    4th grade picture book. A challenge for YOU at the endof the video.

    (There is also an idea for you from nature in the ENRICHMENT section. Have fun!)

  • Sergeant Reckless

    5th grade historical fiction picture book. Amazing story!

    (Check out the ENRICHMENT section for two different HOW TO DRAW HORSE videos. One is realistic and one is cartoon style. Have fun!)