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    Our Volunteer Spotlight guest is....

    Mrs. Fennessy!


    What is your favorite food?
    Lasagna is my absolute favorite.  All that bubbly cheese and tomato sauce, mmmmmmmmmmm. Lasagna is followed, very closely, by beef wellington.
    What was your favorite toy growing up?
    I absolutely loved playing with all of my My Little Pony Toys.  I had all of the houses that I would set up like a little village.  I knew all of the names of all the ponies and I would play for hours.  I even had different voices for them.  I actually passed a couple of my favorites down to my girls.  If I wan't playing with those you could find me building something with my Lego.
    What was your favorite game to play with friends when you were in grade school?
    We used to put a tennis ball into a tube sock, stand with our back to the wall of our school (we all lived within walking distance and could meet there on the weekends, after school or during the summer) and we would hit the wall in a pattern and sing a song.  The song went like this "Want a cup of tea 'Sir', No 'Sir', Why 'Sir", Cause I've got a cold 'sir', Where'd you get the cold from 'Sir', From the North Pole 'Sir', What were you doing there 'Sir', Catching polar bears 'Sir', How many did you catch 'Sir', one 'Sir', two 'Sir', three 'Sir', etc. until you accidentally hit yourself with the ball and were out.  Also, the ball had to hit the wall every time you said 'Sir".  We had so much fun playing that.
    Where is the most beautiful place you've visited?
    I haven't traveled very much but i think the most beautiful place that I have seen in real life would be Niagara Falls.  I love going there and seeing the falls lit up at night.  I will say that I have traveled to many places in my imagination while reading.  I also like to "travel" using Google Earth.  You can see all kinds of interesting things and learn about new things using that.  Plus you still get to sleep in your own bed at night.
    If you could be any animal what would you choose to be? Why?
    I think I would like to be a narwhal. They are so mysterious and iI think it would be fun to be a unicorn of the sea.  
    What super power would you like to have?
    I would love to have a superpower that would allow me to be really fast.  That way I could get all my work done and have more time to play games with my kids.
    Do you have a pet(s)? What is your pet's name?
    I have three cats.  Their names are Pickles, Butters and Nermal.  Pickles is white with a couple of black spots (the biggest is right on top of her head). She also has a heart shape on her nose.  Butters is a calico cat.  She is the quietest of the two.  Nermal is a bit of a trouble maker.  Her personality is very much like her namesakes from Garfield.
    Cake or Pie?
    Oh, do I have to choose one?  My favorite cake is cheesecake.  It doesn't matter what flavor or what topping.  I will eat them all.  My favorite pie is blueberry but deep dish apple with a crumble top is my second favorite.
    Maggie's Message to Staff and Student
    I have missed seeing all the staff and students at Lake Cable the last two months.  I look forward to helping you kiddos find that next book that you are going to just love. It may not be the ending to the school year that anyone wanted but we are, after all, Polar Bears.  Our resilience will bring us through this and we will be stronger than ever.  Have a terrific summer everyone
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