• Message to 2019-2020 5th graders from Mrs. Marciniak



    Our Volunteer Spotlight guest is....

    Mrs. Susor!




    What is your favorite food? Pasta with fresh vegetables
    What was your favorite toy growing up? I didn't really have one, my mom would tell you I didn't play with toys, I just read books.
    What was your favorite game to play with friends when you were in grade school? Explorer. We would play through all the backyards around the neighborhood.
    Where is the most beautiful place you've visited? Northern Michigan
    If you could be any animal what would you choose to be? Why? I'm already a bookworm!
    What super power would you like to have? Invisibility or the ability to fly.
    Do you have a pet(s)? What is your pet's name? A big white & black dog named Zero, everyone who rides bus 45 knows him.
    Cake or Pie? Pie! Key Lime is my favorite, then most fruit pies (except rhubarb, yuck!)


     Special Message from Mrs. Susor to Staff and Students at Amhert

    I hope everyone from Amherst is staying happy & healthy. I'll be sure to charge my light up shoes this summer so they will be extra bright when I see you in the fall!

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