Strategies to Improve Reading


    Reading Recovery Strategies

    Strategies to Improve Reading

    When helping your child to read, use these tips...



    Look at the picture.


    Think about the story.


    Go back and reread the story.


    Get your mouth ready to say the word.


    Try to find a chunk in the word.


    If you still can not figure out the word, make a good guess.


    Additional Prompts to use in the World of Reading


    Now that your child has begun to read, it is important to allow your child "wait time" of 5-10 seconds in order for your child to work out any words that are tricky.  You want your child to become independent, to work the word(s) out by himself/herself, so don't jump in to help too soon.

    Here are some ideas that you can use to help a child with tricky words after they have had their "wait time".

    "What would make sense there?"

    "Go back to the beginning of the sentence and try again."

    "Use the picture to help you."

    "Look at how the word begins.  Get your mouth ready for that sound."

    "What do you think the word might be?"

    "Put in a word that makes sense there."

    "Try something."

    (say this when your child hasn't tried the word after 5-10 seconds.)

    If some of these suggestions don't work and a reasonable time has elapsed, simply tell your child the word and go on.  When you have told your child the word, insist that he/she re-read the sentence.