Games to Play at Home


    My Pile, Your Pile
    Take 10 words that your child knows well and add 3 new words to that pile. Have your child read the words to you as quickly as possible. The child keeps all the words read correctly and quickly. You keep the cards that the child was slow on or misread. Give your child a second try on taking cards away from your pile. With 10 known words your child should always beat you at this game. We are looking for success for the child in the number read correctly. This game also helps build fluency in reading these words in a book.
      Snake (Old Maid)
    Make 20 pairs of cards with matching words. Draw a snake on one card. Deal out all the cards to the players. Player one draws a card from the friend's hand. If he gets a match it is set down. The play continues until all the cards have been matched except the snake. The player with the most cards is the winner. The player with the snake is the loser. It is possible to be both the winner and the loser at the same time.
      Go Fish

    Make 20 pairs of cards with the same words and play the game "Go Fish". Each player receives 5 cards. The first player asks the partner for a word from his hand. If his partner has a match, he gives it to the first player. If he does not have a match, he tells the player to "Go Fish". The first player takes a new card from the pile. Every time a player gets a match, he gets another turn. Play continues until all the words are matched.
      Activities to Use with the 100 Words

    Flashcards can be made quickly by putting the words on index cards.  Give your child five to ten known words and add two or three words that your child is unsure of.  We are looking for your child to be successful.  As the child can read words quickly and confidently for several days in a row, remove those words and replace them with two or three new words.  Click on Jan Brett's website under the Reading Recovery Links for her flashcards.


      Adding Word Cards to Any Game
    You can add your pile of word cards to any game played at home.  For example, add a set of word cards to your Candyland Game.  Before you can draw a playing card, you must draw a word card.  If you read the word correctly you get to draw the playing card and move to the next space.  If the word is said incorrectly, you do not get to move.  To have the children watch the words you are reading, sometimes say the word incorrectly yourself.  If your child catches your mistake, you will have to miss a turn.  This way your child is watching you very carefully also. 

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