A Typical Reading Recovery Lesson


    Welcome to Your Child's Reading Recovery Lesson
    Re- Reading Familiar Books
      In every lesson every day, we get to read lots of books.  Students get to pick some of their favorite stories that they have read before.  We focus on trying to read the book like a story and make it sound like people talking.  We focus on "good reading and how good readers read."
    Taking a Running Record
    Now the student will have a book to read all by themselves!  I will check on him/her and won't help unless they have a hard problem.  I will encourage students to figure out unknown words.  
    Letter Identification or Word Work
    Sometimes we need to do work on learning about letters or important "chunks" of words.  We use magnetic letters on an easel.
    Fluent Writing Practice
    Sometimes (depending on time), students also get to write some words on the white board.  They're learning to write important words as fast as they can so they can write them in their stories.  
    Writing a Story
    Every day your child gets to think up his/her own story to write in their writing book.  We focus on the words they can write all by themselves.  At times, we will work together to write some of the words.  We use boxes and your student will say the word slowly so they can hear the sounds.  The student will write as many of the letters in the boxes as he/she can.  Then we read the story when we're done.
    Cut- Up Sentence
    Your student will read the story and I will write it on a long strip of paper.  I cut up the story so that we can put it back together. 
    New Book Introduced
    I will pick out a new story just for your child and tell them what the story is all about.  We look at the pictures and talk about the story together.  I also help them to think about some new, important words in the story. 
    New Book Attempted
    Next we read a new book and I encourage your child to do all of the things "good readers do."
    Bookbag Book
    Every night, your child will come home with one-two book(s) and a cut-up sentence that they need to do.  It is important for them to read you their book(s) and glue down the cut-up sentence in their cut-up sentence book.  The book bag needs to be brought back to school everyday with their book in it.